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        My Everyday English, otherwise known as MyEE is a project founded in September, 2008 by an ESL teacher Denis DNT. The project was originally meant to be an English as a second language training center. As more and more English learners and English teachers became interested in the project, the concept got modified into a community for English speakers to put their English skills into use.
Many English learners in Asia in general and in China in particular put in so many years of hard work to learn English but their biggest problem is the lack of a platform where they can practice what they have learnt. Because of this, it is very common to find Chinese English learners with lots of certificates and excellent scores in English exams, yet not able to stand a simple conversation in English. The urge to solve this problem led to the birth of My Everyday English Online Community (MyEE Online).
MyEE Online is a social networking community where English learners can meet, interact and socialize with native English speakers. English teachers can listen to the problems of English learners and help them directly. This new dimension of the project has attracted thousands of students and hundreds of teachers to come together and the community had grown into what you might want to call an ESL facebook.
MyEE Online offers social networking features to help members interact and socialize in English. Here are some of the most widely used features on MyEE.
  • MyEE Chat room: This is one of the hottest features of the online community. It offers the possibility for users to chat publicly with all other members as well as the possibility for members to choose a member for a private chat. In addition to the type chat room there is an audio video chat room too for members who like that preference. Here is a link to the MyEE Online Chat room.


  • MyEE Groups: This  is  powerful feature especially for teachers. Teachers gather their students into a group on MyEE and it becomes very easy to communicate with them, assign them to specific tasks and get them to interact and compete with students from other schools.


  • MyEE Download Center: Here members can download free English lessons for their personal use. Lessons are made into several formats: Mp3s, Mp4s, MOV, PDF, etc. It is the must visit page of the community.


  • Picture, Video and Music upload and sharing: Like all other social networking websites, these are inevitable features. Members are allowed to upload and share an unlimited number of pictures, videos and songs.


  • MyEE Games: The most motivating way to get learners of English using the language unconsciously is to make them play games using the language they are learning. The website offers more than 100 educational games. Check them out.


  • Blogs: This feature gives English learners the possibility to exercise their writing skills.


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